Monday, October 20, 2008


My first ride on a horse dispelled forever whatever previous notions I had about riding horses. I had thought that it was easy to ride a horse just like the cowboys on television. I realized how wrong I was through a rather painful experience.
I was down in Kedah visiting my relatives when they decided to take me horse-riding one Sunday. I was thrilled. So we hopped into my cousin car and head towards one of the many riding school on the Pendang.
We managed to book four horses at a riding school. The man in charge asked whether we know how to ride a horse. Everybody said yes except me. I had never seen a life horse before that time, let alone ridden one. The man asks me to mount the small one. I mount up surprising myself at ability. I thought I was already an expert. The man give me the reins and say,” Pull the reins to the right to turn right, pull to the left to turn left. I nodded confident and took the reins. Next moment I lost the reins as the horse pulled them from my hands. The silly horse had reached down to graze on the grass making me lose my grip. The man laughed and returned the reins to me. But suddenly, the horse jump and after that I lost my balance on the horse. I had an incident because of my leg had broken. After a while, my cousin carried me to the hospital. This is my painful experience because I can’t go to school for two months.

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